Are you in need of a photographer? I can help you out with the following:

  • Product photography
  • Food, desserts, drinks and pastry photography
  • Corporate portraits
  • Documentational photography of your company
  • Creation of  a photo datebase for your company
  • Real estate photography
  • Other types of photograpy

My name is Jonas T Olsson and I am the person behind Jonasto Photography. I am 26 years old and I am currently studying the Master Year in Entrepreneurship at Lund University. I have as long as I can remember been interested in images and imagery and about three years back I bought my first camera and photography became my biggest hobby. Now I feel it is time to evolve this hobby to a profession by starting up my own photography business. I have an interest in the artful side of photography and hope I can blend this with the commercial approach to deliver unique and interesting photos to my clients. Don’t hesitate to contact me either by phone or email!

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